Awesome Games Done Quick Has Revealed Their 2022 Online Schedule

Awesome Games Done Quick Has Revealed Their 2022 Online Schedule

The speedrunning community of Games Done Quick’s event Awesome Games Done Quick(AGDQ) has announced its streaming schedule for January 2022.

Games Done Quick is a community of like-minded gamers that have one goal in common, to go fast.

Speedrunning takes skill and precision, and, like other skill-based areas of gaming, speedrunning has a healthy community of fans and participants looking to achieve gold by beating games at blistering speeds. With such a strong aim, the community hosts numerous events throughout the year in honour of these feats.

Some of the most notable games that have entered the speedrunning landscape are Doom which was one of the very first games to feature a speedrun, and more recently, the award-winning Hades. Games Done Quick has a prestigious history going back 11 years, featuring numerous charities the players raise money for.

Awesome Games Done Quick Has Revealed Their 2022 Online Schedule

During the live streams of these events, spectators can donate to the runner with the goal of raising money for very good causes. This year the charity AGDQ is sponsored by the Prevent Cancer Foundation, which is the only US nonprofit organization with the mission to “stop cancer before it starts.” Donations to this worthy cause can also be done through the Games Done Quick website.

The schedule for this year’s AGDQ is an absolutely packed event featuring games of all genres, and notable combatants that will attempt to do exactly what the community is called. What’s even more interesting, is there are a few co-op games on the slate this year, such as It Takes Two, which would require incredible teamwork and communication.

This year’s AGDQ Online event will take place from January 9 and run until January 16 in an exciting week-long event that will be hosted on their Twitch channel live.

Fans looking to get more information can visit the Games Done Quick website, or follow them on their Twitter account for updates or schedule changes.

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