Awesome Games Done Quick Is Back for 2023

Awesome Games Done Quick Is Back for 2023

The annual speed running event for the ages, Awesome Games Done Quick, has announced its 2023 return for the Winter season.

Let’s get the worse news out of the way first: Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) will not have an in person event this year due to safety protocols. The website explains: “We’ve explored multiple options which would allow us to remain in-person by relocating to a safer location. Unfortunately, the cost required to cancel our contract is too great to justify relocating AGDQ while paying the cancellation fee, and we are no longer able to delay our contract. This ultimately led us to move AGDQ 2023 online.”

Awesome Games Done Quick Is Back For 2023

That being said, the huge event will be taking place fully online, with the best the industry has to offer in speed running. Speed running is basically the AGDQ mantra, and that will not change for the 2023 edition. The AGDQ 2023 announcement came right after the Flame Fatales 2022 event concluded, with a record total of $137,174.82 raised for Malala Fund.

This year, Awesome Games Done Quick will be dedicated to the Prevent Cancer Foundation whose mission is by “reducing the cancer mortality rate by focusing individual behaviours, public policy, and research on prevention and early detection.”

Awesome Games Done Quick Is Back For 2023

Incredible feats of mettle are usually accomplished on a regular basis at AGDQ, last year’s event had renowned speed runner Mitchriz put a beat down on Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, blindfolded. While the exciting schedule has yet to be revealed by the event holders, they will start taking submissions for games and volunteers to keep the event running on September 11.

Awesome Games Done Quick seeks to build on its previous year, with heart-wrenching speed runs, and it will run as a 24-hour marathon from January 8 until January 15, all in the name of charity. But if gamers get some entertainment out of watching their favourite titles get dismantled, that’s good too.

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