Bayonetta 2 Has Online Co-Op & Other Details Revealed

| Jun 13, 2014
Bayonetta 2 Has Online Co-Op & Other Details Revealed  - 2014-06-13 13:05:27

The first footage of Bayonetta 2′s online co-op has just been released, as well as some more details of how the mode will work.

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An info sheet on the game included in a press package from Nintendo states:

“In online quick matches, you can wager halos, the in-game currency that you earn by defeating enemies. You receive a large sum back if you can prove you’re a better fighter than your partner. Halos can then be traded in a story mode shop to unlock new techniques, buy accessories and pick up alternate weapon variations.”

Also detailed was the recently announced Bayonetta 1 port that is included with copies of Bayonetta 2.

The original will run at an unlocked 60 frames per second, and is a port of the Xbox 360 version.

Bayonetta‘s three Nintendo costumes exclusively for the Wii U port.

It also features costumes for Bayonetta to wear in-game that are based off of Nintendo characters. These costumes don’t drastically alter the gameplay, but provide some bonuses while wearing them. The Samus costume allows Bayonetta to use Samus’ arm cannon, the Princess Peach costume replaces her summoned hands and feet with Bowser’s, as well as replacing dropped halos for coins. The Link costume allows Bayonetta to use his Master Sword as well as replacing halos with rupees.

Bayonetta 2 with the original Bayonetta included comes out sometime this October exclusively on Wii U.

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