Bend Studio Announces A New IP Is In The Works

Bend Studio Announces A New IP Is In The Works

Bend Studio has announced that their next upcoming title will in fact be a brand new IP, rather than a return to an older franchise.

Bend Studio—who used to be known for the Syphon Filter games, along with Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Resistance: Retribution—but most recently are known for Days Gone have announced that their next project will be a brand new, never before seen IP.

This announcement comes at a good time for Bend, particularly after a Bloomberg article revealed turmoil behind the scenes within Sony’s management of their studios, particularly Bend. It was also revealed in that report that a sequel to 2019’s Days Gone was in fact pitched by Bend, but ultimately shut down by Sony which then led to Bend being placed on projects they had no wish to be on until Sony allowed them to start work on a new IP.

While this might not be the way fans of Days Gone pictured Bend’s next game announcement, it still is certainly an exciting one. Though Days Gone didn’t resonate with everyone, it clearly resonated strongly with many PlayStation fans, and with Bend’s pedigree its clear that they can still create new and interesting worlds players want to experience.

With this in mind the announcement of a new IP from Bend is far more exciting than anything else, and its always possible a Days Gone sequel could be revisited further down the line, though since Bend would need to finish this new IP first, that would most likely be much further down the line.

Not only has Sony done this before, see Naughty Dog releasing Uncharted 4 after finishing work on The Last of Us, but Days Gone‘s recent release on PC could end up playing a big factor towards a sequel being revisited, if it is able to find a community similar to the one it found on PlayStation.

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