Sony Rejects Plans for Days Gone 2

Sony Rejects Plans for Days Gone 2 3

Reports of Sony rejecting plans to a Days Gone sequel have been circling the internet today. 

A popular Bloomberg article has made its rounds revealing that the open-world action sequel was pitched by Bend Studio and rejected by Sony. Fans are disappointed to hear the news across Reddit, as many were thrilled at the possibility of a second game.

Days Gone was released after several delays in 2019. The game follows Deacon St. John through post-apocalyptic Oregon two years after a global pandemic. Once he discovers that there is a possibility that his wife is still alive he sets off on a mission to find her. The third person game was set in an open world environment where players could use melee, firearms and improvised weapons to defend themselves. Though players believe the in game environment was beautiful, many still believe the game was lacking something.

One user on Reddit commented about the original Days Gone, “I’m 8-10 hours into it and I’m torn… there are a lot of good elements to the game that I enjoy, but it doesn’t do any of them exceptionally well. It’s all just… OK. Which is fine, not every game has to be a masterpiece, but I can’t shake the feeling that it really could’ve been better than it is.” With Sony currently focusing on Blockbuster hits, games that are just okay don’t seem to be a priority, even if a portion of fans are demanding it.

The Last Of Us Remake Possibly In Development By Naughty Dog
The Last of Us Remake possibly in development by Naughty Dog

The same Bloomberg report made note that there has been tension among some of Sony’s smaller studios after Visual Arts Service Group – a Sony developer who assists in developing PlayStation Studio’s games – created a 30 person team working on The Last of Us remake code-named T1X. The team was kept a secret by Sony and funding was denied after Head of PlayStation Studios Herman Hulst allegedly declared the project too expensive. The team was shifted onto The Last of Us 2 as support and many of them left once the project was completed. Sony has now apparently moved several Naughty Dog developers over to T1X, meaning The Last of Us remake – likely for PS5 – could still be in the works.

Sony appears to be putting their money where the profit is, as any profitable company should. Unfortunately for Days Gone fans, this means it is unlikely that we will see a sequel for the series any time in the future.

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