PlayStation Exclusive Days Gone Coming to PC this Spring

PlayStation Exclusive Days Gone Coming to PC this Spring 1

Less than two years after it first launched, Sony has announced that the open-world action adventure game Days Gone will be released to PC this spring. Fans have taken to the internet to share their opinions on how Sony is handling their exclusives as of lately, and they are less than thrilled.

PlayStation lovers around the globe are blowing up Twitter with sour words. They are claiming that they came to PlayStation specifically for the exclusives and that the platform is pushing its loyal buyers away. Arguments that PC games run much cheaper have been made, and that the lack of exclusive content will leave their fans feeling cheated. 

But other fans are pleased, claiming it’s a great marketing strategy. PlayStation always wants to gain more followers, so releasing a game that has been out for a while to a different platform might entice new players to join their platform when they release the sequel. Let them test out the older game on their current system in hopes that they’ll purchase a PS5 when the sequel is released as an exclusive.

PlayStation is planning to release more exclusives to PC, Days Gone is just the beginning. Bend Studio confirmed the news today via Twitter, telling fans to “Stay tuned for more details.” PlayStation eased its reluctance to release games to PC last year when Horizon Zero Dawn was given a PC home, saying that they believe they have the opportunity to reach a larger audience. Why wouldn’t they take the chance?  

Fans are already speculating what games are next, and they seem excited for the possibilities. Days Gone takes place after a devastating global pandemic, so it seems like just the right fit for PlayStation to release it spring 2021. For players already on PlayStation 5, Sony has updated Days Gone for the platform, delivering a smoother experience and is also part of the 20-game PS Plus Collection made available to PS5 owners with a PS Plus subscription. 

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