Best toys (so far) from Toy Fair 2013

Best toys (so far) from Toy Fair 2013 5

It’s the 2013 annual Toy Fair, which means its time for your inner man/woman child to come out. Though the fair still has a day to go, there’s been some great finds and figure launches catering to both comics, gaming and movie releases. Although these toys/figures aren’t necessary to have, let’s be honest it’s still something cool to put on the shelf. So here are some of the best figures out so far worthy of some shelf space. 


Best Toys (So Far) From Toy Fair 2013

Some figures from Kotobukiya worth mentioning are definitely Superman’s Man of Steel collectible statues, showcasing Zod, Faora, Jor-EI and Superman. The statues gave a peak at what the new costumes and armour may look like for the movie coming up. While these statues come in at 12 inches, DC made sure to take it down a notch with a 3 inch statue that will be avalible as well. Also from DC is the ARTFX+ statues for the New 52 Justice League, and a Joker statue inspired by Batman: The Killing Joke.

Kotobukiya made sure to deliver to Marvel fans as well, as they’re working on a set of ARTFX+ statues based on Marvel’s NOW!’s The Avengers. Though Kotobukiya had a lot of figures, some notable ones were the detailed Isaac Clarke from Dead Space 3, some awesome Mass Effect figures, Star Wars figures and some Harley Quinn.


Hasbro is set to release a variety of action figures for Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World and The Wolverine (all supposed to be in theatres this year). The figures were shown at the Toy Fair some with pieces on them specifically for the characters from the movies, and some figures just ‘inspired’ by the films. Hasbro also had some Star Wars figures to show off, and of course the Party Rocker Furby. If you still enjoy a good ole fashioned boardgame, well Hasbro will be unleashing Jenga Tetris edition.


Best Toys (So Far) From Toy Fair 2013

More Batman figures are coming out of Mattel, with a throw back to the 60s. Also on Mattel’s toy list are some new Watchmen figures and He-Man and the Masters of the


NECA has a nice line-up of collectibles featured at the fair this year, including its new line of Kick Ass 2 toys, with a sneak peak at the films new badguy The MotherF#@%&r. NECA also showcased their new Aliens and Predator line, along with toys from some videogame favourites such as Team Fortress 2Portal 2 and Bioshock.

Best Toys (So Far) From Toy Fair 2013 2

NECA also had some notable gun replica’s from popular games such as Portal 2Gears of War, and the upcoming title Bioshock Infinite.

Were these some of your highlights from the 2013 Toy Fair? Let us know in the comments if these figures are a yay or nay for this year. 

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