Bethesda Store To Sell Limited-Edition Fallout Gear

| October 19, 2015
Bethesda Store To Sell Limited-Edition Fallout Gear 3

Do you enjoy Fallout, and exclusive gear? Well it seems Bethesda has you covered. Starting tomorrow the Bethesda Online Store will be offering a limited-edition wired Vault-Boy Xbox One controller in limited numbers (5,000) to the few lucky people to jump on and pick it up.


Bethesda has been going all out for the release they have also released a “This week only” Great War 2015 t-shirt that can be purchased now for $16 or if you pre-order Fallout 4 though the Bethesda online store you will get it free.

Bethesda will have a full lineup for the week with a Pip-Boy Messenger Bag hitting Wednesday, A Vault-Tec Watch on Thursday, and Fallout 4 Art Book on Friday. Each item will be released in limited numbers so you will need to stay tuned to the Bethesda Online Store to snag your limited edition item before they are gone. Fallout 4 will be hitting PS4, Xbox One and PC on November 10th 2015.

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