Beyond Good and Evil 2 Rumoured for Nintendo NX

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Rumoured for Nintendo NX 1

Destructoid has recently covered a rumour that Nintendo may be footing the bill for the heavily demanded sequel to the critically acclaimed Beyond Good and Evil.

As the rumour goes, Nintendo might be doing something akin to their Bayonetta 2 move with Beyond Good and Evil in order to get the sequel on their next console in 2017, exclusively.

Their initial source was Alexander Maier, writer and editor for Dual Pixels, who had received a document from Geno, someone who has previously leaked industry details with a certain level of accuracy. Maier then handed the document over to Destructoid to check for authenticity.

Destructoid then reached out to one of their independent sources that relayed several points back to them, which match up fairly well with the document. So while Nintendo hasn’t confirmed any of this, Destructoid is feeling confident that this rumour holds water.

The rumour suggests that the sequel will be called Beyond Good and Evil: The Prejudices of Philosophers. This is in reference to a specific mention in the book, Beyond Good and Evil, written by Friedrich Nietzsche, which suggests that morality can be altered by authority.

If this rumour is in fact true, it will be great to finally see the sequel everyone has been clamouring for, for years.

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