Nintendo, Amazon, And More To Host Talks At Brazil’s Independent Games Festival (BIG Festival)

BIG Festival

The largest independent games festival in Latin America, known as BIG Festival, is returning with industry leaders attending to give talks and presentations covering topics ranging from shipping games to utilizing the Cloud in development.

Panels will be rolling from May 4th-8th, with headliners including Nintendo, Amazon, Dreamhack, and Ubisoft. Additionally, Google, HTC, Xbox Game Studios, and many more will also be in attendance to get a closer look at what is on offer out of one of Latin America’s biggest markets with over 80 million gamers and an estimated 1.6 Billion USD in revenue.

“With Xbox Game Studios, Warner DC, Capcom, SEGA, Snapchat, Dreamhack, all in attendance, the sheer level of combined industry knowledge at this year’s event — from development to publishing and everything in between — is staggering.”

The schedule for the event is jam-packed starting at 8:30 AM EDT and registration is happening now!

Big Festival

Some of the Key Panels Include:

  • Nintendo: Nintendo representatives will present panels on topics like: How to successfully ship a console game from Latin America, and how to ship Nintendo Switch titles out of Brazil, along with examples of support, and why Nintendo wants more Brazilian titles on their popular console
  • Amazon: The biggest company in the world will send Paul Viglienzone, Head of North America Business Development, to present “10 things the Cloud can do for your Game”
  • DreamHack: Esports business phenoms DreamHack will break down the steps involved and the milestones needed to go from a humble start-up to a globally recognized brand
  • Ubisoft: Anne Blondel, VP — Open Innovation at Ubisoft, will present a panel on the importance of the vital relationship between Ubisoft and Indie devs.

The BIG Festival has been in operation since 2012, where it has become something like the United States’ Game Developer’s Conference, for developers and fans to learn the ins and outs of the industry from all levels. While networking opportunities have created “more than 4,000 meetings between 630 game industry professionals from 34 countries” during its in-person festivities, the digital event that took over in 2020 due to concerns from the COVID-19 pandemic still drew in “3,876 business meetings between more than 333 publishers, developers, and investors from a stunning 38 countries.”

For more information about the upcoming event, visit the official website:

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