BloodRayne returning in a new downloadable form

| Apr 1, 2011

BloodRayne: Betrayal will make its way to the PSN and the XBLA later this summer.

At this point, BloodRayne is best known as a cinematic joke, but that title also belonged to a popular series of video games long before Uwe Boll got his hands on the franchise. It turns out that somebody still remembers those bygone days, because BloodRayne is officially returning to the interactive realm, albeit in a form that fans probably weren’t expecting.

WayForward Technologies, a developer best known for 2D side-scrollers like Contra 4 and 2010’s Batman: The Brave and the Bold, has announced BloodRayne: Betrayal, a new 2D side-scroller predictably set in the BloodRayne universe. In Betrayal, the vampiric Rayne will be recruited by the Brimstone Society and asked to save the world, although the exact nature of the impending evil has not yet been disclosed.

BloodRayne: Betrayal will be published by Majesco and will be released as an XBLA/PSN download in the summer of 2011. We don’t know what the game will look like, but the brief (and uninformative) first trailer is proof enough that the title exists. You can check it out below, or follow the game at the new official website.

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