Bob and Master Raven Join Tekken 7 Roster

Bob and Master Raven Join Tekken 7 Roster 3

After a strong first showing at EVO 2016, Tekken director Katsuhiro Harada took advantage of the large stage to announce 2 more characters coming to Tekken 7: Bob and Master Raven.

Bob is a returning character, having originally debuted in Tekken 6 and appearing in every instalment since then. Bob uses a Freestyle Karate fighting style and while large in size, combines sizable strength with surprisingly high speed; moving at the speed of someone half his size.

Bob And Master Raven Join Tekken 7 Roster 1

Master Raven is a brand new character to the Tekken universe. After initial speculation on relationship with the original (and similarly-titled) Raven from Tekken 5, Harada confirmed in a tweet that she is Raven’s superior. Like Raven, she employs a high-speed ninjutsu style to take down her rivals, as well as a cybernetic sword to deliver damage.

Bob And Master Raven Join Tekken 7 Roster 2

This brings the total of playable characters to 31, including special guest Akuma from the Street Fighter franchise.

Tekken 7 is the newest instalment of the long-running fighting series since Tekken Tag Tournament 2, and is the first numbered instalment since 2009. The game features two new changes to the franchise in the form of Rage Arts and Power Crush attacks, abilities that can quickly turn the tide of intense battles. The two characters are coming to the arcade edition’s recently-released Fated Retribution update, as well as the upcoming worldwide console release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in early 2017.

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