Bomberman and Fall Guys are getting Costumes in Both Games


Just in time for the launch of Super Bomberman Online R, the recently release battle royale game is getting a costume from last year’s hit, Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

The news was announced on Twitter and that the Fall Guys skin would be coming to Konami’s 64-player battle royale starting today. The partnership is not a one-way street as a Bomberman skin is coming to Fall Guys next week on June 4th. The collaboration is all a part of a joint crossover event with Epic Games-own Mediatonic and marks the first time that a Fall Guy has ever crossed over into another game.

“’Bean Bomber” is able to dive around the battlefield, trying not to stumble into too many bombs as players compete against one another in the new Battle 64 online mode and more,” Konami says in a statement.

This reveal comes after yesterday’s tease where the Fall Guys‘ Twitter mentioned that they had an ‘explosive’ collaboration ready to be announced and that it would ‘blow your mind’. This immediately led to fans concluding that the game was hinting Bomberman would be coming to Fall Guys, which they were half right.

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For the uninitiated, Super Bomberman R Online is a battle royale spin on the classic action-maze game, which allows up to 64 players to blow each other up on a huge map. The sprawling map itself is made up of smaller traditional Bomberman scenes which Pac-Man 99 players might find familiar. The battle royale version of Super Bomberman R was initially released exclusively to Stadia back in September, the game is now available on other platforms like PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The game’s past seasons have featured a couple of goodies like a Metal Gear Solid-themed costume, ‘Old Snake Bomber’ from Season 1. Super Bomberman R Online is a free-to-play title that requires 2.3 GB to download. Players use the in-game currency, bomber coins, to buy new outfits and unlock other items in the shop. If impatient, players can use real money to buy bomber coins or the add-on pack which features 14 additional characters equipped with special types of abilities.

Check out the new skins starting today for Super Bomberman R Online and June 4th for Fall Guys.

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