Grab Borderlands 3 For Free From Epic Games Store Until Next

You Have Until May 26 To Get It

Grab Borderlands 3 For Free From Epic Games Store Until Next

While Epic Games is always giving out free games, they’re usually not as notable as this. Every once in a while though, the platform delivers a big game for free and this week is one of those times. Vault raiders can snag Borderlands 3 for free for the next week from the Epic Games Store.

This freebie is in place to help to kick off Epic Games’ Mega Sale, which has become a sort of yearly tradition at Epic Games and includes massive discounts on tons of games on the platform. The best discount you can find is 100 percent off, and that’s what you get with Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 was released in 2019 and it is a looter shooter that builds on the gameplay and humour of the previous games in the franchise that got into the hearts of gamers more than a decade ago. If you’re worried about needing to play the previous games before this one though, you really don’t need to worry as you will be absolutely fine jumping into Borderlands and wreaking havoc.

Grab Borderlands 3 For Free From Epic Games Store Until Next 1

Of course, you still might miss out on some context from previously known characters in the trilogy, but you’ll still have a chaotic and hilarious experience for your first time through. You have until May 26 to grab Borderlands 3 for free from Epic Games, so you might want to act quickly.

There’s also a ‘Mystery Game’ coming for free after that. When Epic uses the term ‘Mystery Game’ as the placeholder for upcoming free games, it usually means it’s a fairly good one.

The Borderlands 3 announcement was leaked beforehand by Twitter user Kach, on May 17, but there were no other theories or leaks for it. However, it did end up being true, and yet there is still no word on what this new ‘Mystery Game’ will be, as it is, of course, a mystery. At least it’ll be free though!

Brendan Frye
Brendan Frye

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