Butterfinger and Final Fantasy 14 Have Unleashed a Cursed DLC Mount

Butterfinger and Final Fantasy 14 have unleashed a cursed DLC mount 3

This is far from the first time Square Enix has partnered with a food vendor to celebrate a game’s launch, and this isn’t even the first Butterfinger collaboration.

However, this time the game in question is the long-running MMO Final Fantasy XIV Online and the prize is a chocolate-based DLC mount available to Final Fantasy 14 players.

The limited-edition DLC mount “Chocorpokkur” will be available to any player who purchases $5 USD worth of Butterfinger products, takes a photo of their receipt, and uploads the photo to GamewithButterfinger.com.

The Chocorpokkur will only be available to fans who participate in the promotion. As players familiar with Final Fantasy XIV may notice, the Chocorpokkur is a chocolatey variant of the Korpokkur Kolossus mount. Much like the original, the Chocorpokkur will be able to travel by land, air, and sea across the expansive in-game map. Once the mount is redeemed, it is account-wide so any character on the player’s Final Fantasy XIV account will be able to use the Chocorpokkur. Assuming, of course, that the character has reached level 20 and can summon their company chocobo, which unlocks mount usage in game.

Final Fantasy 14 Butterfingers Promo

The promotion will be available from May 3rd to June 30th, 2021.

If you’d like to see this chocolate behemoth in action before purchasing one yourself, some of FFXIV‘s most familiar content creators will be showing the mount off on stream. MrHappy1227AyyItsChevy and Comicstorian will be using the Chocorpokkur on Thursday, June 3rd while streaming to raise funds for Extra Life – part of the Children’s Miracle Network which supports over 170 hospitals across North America. As a partner on the stream event, Butterfinger will be donating a $50,000 USD match to Extra Life.

Final Fantasy Xiv Chocorpokkur

Since the initial buy-in for the Chocorpokkur mount is pretty low, you’ll likely be seeing these cursed mounts take over you favorite hub towns. Personally, I’m just going to be thanking the gaming gods that both Eulmore and the Crystarium don’t allow mounts, because the sight of this thing will haunt me forever.

The mount is hitting the streets just in time for the Final Fantasy XIV Digital Fan Fest, which will give fans a closer look at the upcoming expansion, Endwalker, which is due to hit in the fall. This is not the worst promotional mount that’s ever been added to the game, but it is up there.

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