You Can Now Pre-Order Night In The Woods

| March 3, 2014
You Can Now Pre-Order Night In The Woods

Alec Holowka has posted pre-orders for his upcoming title, Night In The Woods. The game, expected to be released in 2015, centres around Mae, a college dropout who returns to her old town.

Also online is a demo, which shows a scene between Mae and some of her friends looking at constellations. The conversation is dry and apathetic, but above all: feels real. After that its up to the player to find constellations in the sky, and make them out using the mouse.

You can check out the demo and pre-order your copy of Night In The Woods here. Night In The Woods was initially funded through Kickstarter, and gained attention due to Holowka’s previous title, Towerfall.

The game itself will net you $15, and is still looking to be a promising indie title for anyone who has ever experienced post-secondary education.

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