Capcom Presents: Teppen, An Active Card-Battle Game

| July 5, 2019
Capcom Presents: Teppen, An Active Card-Battle Game

With little warning, Capcom and GungHo have released the card-fighting game Teppen, featuring characters from Capcom’s rich history.

The game, which boasts some absolutely jaw-dropping production values including excellent artwork and full English voice acting, pits two players against each other in a real-time environment. Current playable characters include Ryu, Chun-li, Albert Wesker, Morrigan, Dante, and a Rathalos.

Popular YouTuber and Capcom fan Maximilian Dood streamed the game last week and put up a highlight reel on his channel, showing that you can place cards in three lanes to fight your opponent. You also have a choice of special moves based on your player character before the match. There are a few other mechanics that shake up matches, but they’ll take some digging into to understand.

YouTube video

You can check Teppen out for yourself right now on iOS and Android, and there are ways to play it on your computer if you wish. I’ve done just enough time with Hearthstone for this to look extremely appealing and, well, Dante’s right there. Hey, if Capcom doesn’t release another rad crossover game any time soon, we gotta’ get our fix somewhere!

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