A Castlevania Advance Collection Rating Reappears For The Big Consoles

| September 17, 2021
A Castlevania Advance Collection Rating Reappears For The Big Consoles

After Castlevania Advance Collection had been accidentally put up in June twice by ratings boards, it appears again before any official announcement.

What a horrible night to have a leak. Castlevania Advance Collection can’t seem to stay off of rating boards, with the author being listed as ‘M2’ and the publisher was of course listed as Konami.

Back in June, this collection was released on rating boards two times, the first being listed on the 18th by the Australian Classification rating board, and the second by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea on the 25th NintendoLife reported.

This time, Taiwan spilled the beans rating the title for major consoles Xbox One, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch. M2 is a notable representative of ‘collection’ style titles, including Namco Museum for the GBA, a remake of Gameboy’s Castlevania: The Adventure for WiiWare under the moniker ReBirth, and most notably the recent successful Castlevania Anniversary Collection.

Konami has notably dropped the ball on one of its most storied franchises, considering the Dracula franchise hasn’t seen a console release in years other than the anniversary collection. However, in 2017 Japan received a pachislot machine to honor the Lords of Shadow series of the franchise. Which wasn’t the only Konami franchise to ‘upgrade’ to the platform, following Silent Hill, and Metal Gear Solid.

A Castlevania Advance Collection Rating Reappears For The Big Consoles

The possible leak of this collection breathes new life into Dracula as all of the plotlines of these gothic titles do. The success of Metroidvanias of late may attribute to the renewed interest in re-releasing these titles for not exorbitant amounts, as resellers on eBay seem to do.

The three titles likely to be featured on the collection are Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow, Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, and Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance. All three contained Metroidvania gameplay at its finest and were received extremely well by the public and review sites.

Vampire Killers will have to wait until a formal announcement is made, seeing as how Konami is listed as a participant in the TGS2021 hopefully this collection will be announced, until then the iOS title Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls reappeared on the app store for Apple Arcade which was also well received for its original run for those who want to slay creatures of the night.

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