Catherine becomes a franchise for Atlus and Index Holdings

| April 18, 2011
Catherine becomes a franchise for Atlus and Index Holdings

Fans will soon be able to find Catherine in a variety of different media.

Catherine isn’t even out in North America, but the game has done so well in Japan that Atlus and parent company Index Holdings are already moving forward with plans to turn the erotic thriller into a franchise. Index CEO Yoshimi Ogawa recently confirmed that Catherine is now a property akin to the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona series, and that the brand would expand into books and other media beginning with a Catherine novel that will be published in Japan next month.

Atlus and Index are yet to announce any other projects, but if the Persona franchise is any indication, then more games and a Catherine anime could be on the way. Both would likely feature a lot of cleavage, although it’s not clear if the game’s sheep-men will return.

Catherine was released in Japan in February and bested early expectations with an impressive 250,000 sales. The game will debut in North America sometime later in the summer.

Source: Siliconera

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