CES 2023: TCL Brings New Products Across Their Big Ecosystem

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As the week rages on so does the force of CES 2023, this time TCL is in the spotlight for their latest innovations announced.

On Wednesday, TCL has shined a big spotlight on what’s to come with their massive ecosystem of products for the future. Taking place at a technophile’s version of Gamescom, CES 2023, TCL bared their teeth for the whole world to see what’s next for the exciting and innovative brand.

TCL Television at CES 2023

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After delivering the Quantum Dot TV and the first-ever mini-LED TV, TCL has upped the ante by providing two brand new families of displays their award-winning lineup can sift into – the New Q-Series and the S-Series.  The S-Series is more in line from the quality expected from TCL, but the unveiling of the new Q-Series is where technology continues to advance.

Notable TCL Q-Series Improvements at CES 2023

  • Quantum Dot technology to provide a sleek, yet high contrast and dynamic range of colour, with HighBright displays to further improve picture quality, receiving IMAX enhanced certification for the first time.
  • More dimming zones on-screen at the same time with FullArray PRO Local Dimming.
  • AIPQ Engine produced in-house which improves the refresh rates of the display.
  • Auto Game Mode heavily featured for the gaming enthusiasts.
  • Q6 TV introduces the new Game Accelerator 120 for 120Hz VRR, while the Q7 and flagship QM8 utilize the Game Accelerator 240 for 240Hz VRR.
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Pro Certified.

The new QM8 will be the flagship of the Q-Series as unveiled at CES 2023 with with mini-LED Ultra backlight technology and the features listed above. The QM8 will also house a built-in subwoofer for improvement of audio. TCL also announced their plans to develop a QD-OLED at CES 2023 into its display lineup, but didn’t introduce further details.

TCL Mobile at CES 2023

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TCL still had a few things left in its bag of tricks at CES 2023, and they’ve brought innovations to their mobile device lineup for the occasion. The TCL 40 Series of smartphones, two brand new NXTPAPER devices, and next-gen smart glasses for consumers.

  • The TCL 40 smartphone series brings along a swath of devices with the TCL 40 R 5G, TCL 40 SE, and TCL 408 to the table. With all of the devices utilizing the NXTVISION screen technology, and an AI-powered camera for a smarter way for photos.
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  • The NXTPAPER additions include the TCL NXTPAPER 12 Pro, and the TCL BOOK X12 Go, which is TCL’s first ever 2-in-1 detachable laptop shown at CES 2023. TCL also brought along the TCL TAB 8 LE, an ultra-compact tablet that is light in weight for maximum portability.
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  • The TCL RayNeo X2 are augmented reality glasses unveiled at CES 2023. This is promised to be the industry’s first binocular full-colour optical waveguide Micro-LED displays, which are designed to be worn as regular eyeglasses. Equipped with smart navigation, auto-translation, photography functionality, and music listening abilities the new device will make any wearer feel like a secret agent.
  • The previously released TCL NEXTWEAR S finally makes its way to North America as well.
  • TCL also showcased their TCL NEXTWEAR V virtual reality concept, as an ambitious foray into the massive space of virtual reality.

TCL Audio at CES 2023

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TCL then unveiled their new soundbar series at CES 2023, with three new S-Series audio peripherals and two new Q-Series to even the playing field. The S-Series comes as 2.1, 3.1 and 5.1 channel sound bars, and the Q-Series comes as 3.1 and 5.1 channel audio solutions. All of the new models will include DTS Virtual:X, Dolby Audio, a wireless sub-woofer, and will house the ability to add rear speakers.

Lastly, in the aim of diversifying their product line, TCL introduced a premium Q-Series window air conditioner with smart controls and quiet operation for 2023. TCL also announced new small size refrigerators and wine/beverage coolers for 2023 to keep their product catalogue full of new and innovative items at CES 2023.

That just about wraps up the new technology on display from the massive TCL brand for CES 2023. Fans can shoot over to their website for information on all of the exciting announcements displayed at CES 2023.

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