Chromecast With Google TV Gets Updated Features and Security

| Apr 30, 2021
Chromecast With Google TV Gets Updated Features and Security

The newest update for Chromecast with Google TV is rolling out to users across the globe, and with it comes better security measures and more control over video playback.

Considering this is the first security update since December of last year, it’s nice to see things are being kept up to date in order to protect consumer information. The update patch notes suggest the increased security is on the backend, so nothing major of note to add outside of being safer all-around to use your Chromecast with Google TV.

The more interesting details come in the new options available on the player side of things. Specifically, the patch notes include “Advanced Video Controls setting for granular HDR formats, resolution/refresh rate and color formats,” so depending on the settings available with your current TV setup, you may be able to make some positive changes to the visuals on offer.

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Chromecast with Google TV

Additionally, the HDMI hotplug improvements mean that your Chromecast will better be able to tune into your TV’s settings to make optimal changes itself.

Wi-Fi improvements mean you’ll have less stuttering when utilizing Bluetooth devices, while 5Ghz and mesh networks also get a boost. The Chromecast with Google TV’s HDMI-CEC capability — which allows the streaming device to make changes with the TV — also gets an upgrade, where you can now shut off the TV while your Chromecast still runs in the background.

Make sure to grab the system update so that you can add these quality-of-life fixes to your device, which we called “a worthy successor to the Chromecast” in our review, going on to say it “delivers on a fluid experience and a more unified vision for Google in the living room.” Suffice to say if you enjoy Google’s products that this might be the one for you, while this update only makes things even better.

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