Cloak X FNaF Merch Launch Planned in Los Angeles

Cloak X FNaF Merch Launch! 3

New FNaF merch set to release from Cloak brand, run by popular influencers Markiplier and Jacksepticeye.

A new launch for the influencer brand, cloak, run by Mark Fischbach and Sean Mcloughlin, better known for their online presence as Markiplier and jacksepticeye, is set to release September 29th of 2022, where they are partnering up with creator of FNaF(Five Nights at Freddys), Scott Cawthon to release new cloak X FNaF merch!

An event is set at Holmby Park in Los Angeles at 5:55PM PST where they promise free pizza to those who attend. Two other familiar influencers will be showing their faces at the event as well, those being popular FNaF youtuber Dawko and CG5!

Mark and Sean are no strangers to this game, Markiplier himself first claimed to be “the king of Five Nights at Freddys” in 2014 after the games release and his successful winning of the custom night. in fact, we owe it to Five Nights at Freddy for the reason a lot of gaming channels are so successful!

This is not the first time cloak has worked with Scott to create merch for his indie game however, in 2020 they released a brand of clothing  which included hooded sweaters, aprons, shirts with the popular characters, Golden Freddy and Toy Freddy, and of course, the classic FNaF 1 Freddy Fazbear 

the clothes were checkered as most of the pizzerias are in the game, text on the back of hoodies with the words “nothing gold can stay” in reference to the much adored golden Freddy who is infamous for not giving up her spirit in order to torment William Afton, her killer.

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If the brand is to follow in the footsteps of their previous FNaF merch, us fans of Five Nights at Freddys are in for a real treat. Next Thursday we will find out how cloak has upped their game in terms of FNaF merch.

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