Command & Conquer Creator to Head Amazon Game Studios, Seattle

Command & Conquer Creator to Head Amazon Game Studios, Seattle 1

Amazon Game Studios has been making a name for itself in the world of video games. Now, they’ve just made another splash by naming industry veteran Louis Castle as head of Amazon Game Studios, Seattle.

Castle made a name for himself in the RTS genre. Best known as the creator of Command & Conquer, Castle has more than 100 titles under his belt including Boom Blox, Blade Runner, The Lion King and Dune 2.  Over his career, he’s worked for developers such as EA, Zynga and Kixeye.

“I’m thrilled to join the talented game makers at Amazon Game Studios. Their dedication to community, customer experiences, and quality is exhilarating!” says Castle in a press release. “I’m excited to start using Twitch, Lumberyard, and AWS to build awesome new experiences for players, casters, and viewers alike.”

At Amazon Games Studios, Seattle Castle will work on Crucible, a competitive multiplayer title that’s designed with streaming in mind.

Most recently, Castle worked on the Kixeye mobile RTS title War Commander Rogue Assault, which was an attempt to bring the RTS genre on the go in a natural way with a focus on progression through gameplay instead of through micro-transactions.

“The two things we don’t want to do is force you to pay, or have you pay not to play,” said Castle in a 2016 interview with CGMagazine about title War Commander Rogue Assault. “If they decide to pay, they pay because it makes their experiences more exciting and more entertaining.”

CGMagazine editor Elias Blondeau reviewed War Commander Rogue Assault giving it a seven out of 10, stating “War Commander: Rogue Assault is nevertheless a decent mobile distraction that doesn’t tread into pay-to-win territory.”

This is just another move by Amazon in which they bring in an industry veteran to help run the ship. In February this year, Amazon announced former Daybreak CEO John Smedley as the CEO of Amazon Game Studios, San Diego.

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