David Tennant Carries on Trolling as New Doctor Who Images Arise

david tennant carries on trolling as new doctor who images arise 298270

David Tennant gives zero Doctor Who spoilers away while trolling his son at this year’s London Comic-Con.

Unless you were taking a social media detox, you should remember the photo of David Tennant’s father trolling David at a Fan Event last year. He held a sign up near David, stating, “He’s not that special,” and it was hilariously picked up by media outlets and became a big story that David found hilarious.

David decided to make his own sign to carry on the tradition to troll his son at a House of the Dragon fan event. Ty Tennant (David Tennant’s son) made his mark as Aegon II in the HBO hit series House of the Dragon. While at a fan event, Ty faced the same funny trolling that his father had and did not look pleased in the slightest from the images posted on Instagram. It looks like a new family tradition is in the works.

David Tennant is known as the amazing 10th Doctor and is reprising this role this year and becoming the 14th Doctor. The reprising of a Doctor has never happened before within the Doctor Who series. This year is the 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, which is why the show is going big regarding Tennant’s role; exclusive pictures have been released of Tennant’s re-portrayal and show a modern and sharp look to the new Doctor.

David Tennant Carries On Trolling As New Doctor Who Images Arise 311901

This sneak peek of how the 14th Doctor will look brings fans a hint of nostalgia because of Tennant’s past as the 10th Doctor. The small bio that comes with these exclusive pictures states that this season will bring about intrigue, considering seeing an old version of the Doctor has never happened before. Fans have begun to infer that the season will mostly take on adventures trying to figure out how and why we see Tennant’s familiar face once again. Fans may also get to see some more familiar faces from the past, including the Master, Tate and Donna Noble, although there has been no confirmation on this front.

As for the new season of Doctor Who, all the details we have at the moment are the new sneak peek pictures, and hopefully, there will be more spoilers to come.

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