Doctor Who Fans Are Excited By The Surprise Fourteenth Doctor

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Jodie Whittaker made her final debut as the thirteenth Doctor Who and left fans stunned worldwide when she regenerated back into the well-known and loved tenth doctor, David Tennant.

While seeing David Tennant take back the Doctor Who role would be the epitome of any finale, we were informed that the actor would only be around for a few episodes next year before the regeneration into the new fifteenth doctor, Ncuti Gatwa.

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Credit: BBC Studios

While die-hard fans are aware that previous doctors have the habit of showing up during anniversary specials, we have never seen the doctor regenerate into a past self. This mystery will be revealed in a few short episodes in November 2023. This surprise has sent fans on Twitter into a frenzy about what this new plot twist all means for the future of Doctor Who.

The regeneration back into a previous Doctor Who is not the only first that we encounter for next year’s Doctor Who season. We are also finally getting our first Black Doctor Who as the fifteenth doctor in 2023. This is an important step forward for the Doctor Who franchise and begins a new era when it comes to Britain’s most beloved TV character.

Any true Doctor Who fan is asking the same thing as this writer, will the new season of Doctor Who with the first Black Doctor address the issues we have in society? You could say some fans weren’t happy with how Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor handled herself as a lead character in the franchise without any true societal issues being addressed. The Twitter user “MrTardis” explains it perfectly with a 15-tweet-long explanation about the ups and downs of the thirteenth Doctor.

The finale for the thirteenth Doctor was well-received among viewers, the entire episode itself was thrilling, and the ending surprise brought more hype to the whole episode. I don’t know about you, but I am very excited to see the new venture of Doctor Who adventures.

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