DC Superhero Girls Animated Series Begins Production

DC Superhero Girls Animated Series Begins Production

Warner Bros. Animation has started production on the televised version of DC Superhero Girls.

Cartoon Network’s upcoming animated series DC Superhero Girls has begun production and will debut in 2018. The series is being produced by Lauren Faust, the creator of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, while Sam Register, producer of Teen Titans Go! serves as executive producer. DC Superhero Girls is an action-comedy that follows Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl as teenage girls, attempting to balance living with superpowers, secret identities, and protecting the people of Metropolis while managing their daily lives and attending school. Additional characters will also be featured such as Amanda Waller, acting as the school’s principal. Bumblebee and Zatanna will appear as students, lending the girl’s a hand when it comes to fighting or having fun. Villains such as Harley Quinn will also be featured on the show, attending school alongside the many heroes.

DC Superhero Girls originally debuted in 2015 as a franchise developed by DC Comics and Mattel. It was introduced in a number of different forms of media from books created by Random House, Lego tie-ins and action figures, produced by Mattel along with comics made by DC Comics. A series of animated shorts were uploaded to YouTube, premiering in October of the same year. The web series is currently on its third season with 49 episodes uploaded.

In 2016, a film titled DC Superhero Girls: Superhero High aired on Cartoon Network to help promote the franchise. Its success led to two follow-up direct-to-video films, DC Superhero Girls: Hero of the Year which released in August of 2016 and DC Superhero Girls: Intergalactic Games which released this month.

No further info has currently been released on the DC Superhero Girls TV series.

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