DC Universe Online Celebrates Wonder Woman Day With Free Gifts For Players

DC Universe Online Celebrates Wonder Woman Day With Free Gifts For Players 3

Today is Wonder Woman Day, and popular free-to-play MMO DC Universe Online is gifting players for taking part in the celebration.

Dimensional Ink’s MMO DC Universe Online (DCUO) is allowing players to channel the Amazon.

The Free MMO is supplying fans with Wonder Woman goodies for a day that is all about Diana Prince. For the lasso of truth-wielding DC hero, this is the 80th anniversary of her original appearance back in 1941. Wonder Woman has been synonymous with DC comics and it is only right to celebrate her special day with some special inclusions.

DC Universe Online launched back in 2011 and allows the player to create their own hero in the universe to join the Justice League or the villainous Society as their form of factions similar to WoW‘s alliance and horde. The MMO features an original storyline unique to its own DC plane of existence that has had 40 episodes that update the content of the game, keeping the game world fresh for loyal players. The 41st episode was released on August 25 and is titled ‘House of Legends.’

Dc Universe Online Celebrates Wonder Woman Day With Free Gifts For Players
DC Universe Online Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman Day celebration gives the Amazonian clout in the way of a grab bag of goodies that customize the player’s original character in this exciting world. The gift satchel features:

  • Amazonian Warrior Chroma Pack
  • Champion of Themyscira’s Shield            
  • Bombshell Wonder Woman’s Aegis
  • Reforged Wonder Girl Bracers
  • Wonder Woman’s 80th Anniversary Poster (Base Poster & Large League hall poster)
  • Wonder Woman’s 80th Anniversary Emblem

DCUO is also allowing players to grab the Transparent Wonder Plane Accessory as an added bonus.

All of these exciting FREE gifts give the incentive for players to stick around in this exciting Universe for the long haul. The free member gift pack will be available to fans exclusively on DC Universe Online and will be available to claim from today until November 17.

Fans looking to obtain more info on DCUO can visit their website, or look at their regularly updated Twitter.

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