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Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) Review 6

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) Review

 |  Chris Carter
Wonder Woman 1984’s cast occasionally deliver moving moments, but are ultimately held back by a messy script.
Warner Bros' 2021 Films To Release On Hbo Max 2

Warner Bros’ 2021 Films to Release on HBO Max

 |  Chris De Hoog
Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Dune is among the Warner Bros’ films which will debut simultaneously in theatres and on HBO Max in 2021.
Dc Fandome Panel: Wonder Woman 1984 Bring A New Trailer 2

DC Fandome Panel: Wonder Woman 1984 Bring a New Trailer

 |  Lindsay Traves
Patty Jenkins and the Cast of Wonder Woman 1984 attended the DC Fandome panel to answer fan questions, share new clips and a brand new full trailer.
The Top Ten Action Movie Heroines 1

The Top Ten Action Movie Heroines

 |  Phil Brown
If the summer of 2017 has accomplished nothing else, it’s confirmed that women can kick some blockbuster ass just as well as the boys. Whether it be Charlize Theron’s 80’s action acrobatics in Atomic Blonde, Zoe Saldana’s continued butt kickery as Gamora, or the long overdue cinematic debut of Wonder Woman, this summer blockbuster season […]
Pedro Pascal Is Taking A Mysterious Role In The New Wonder Woman

Pedro Pascal Is Taking a Mysterious Role in The New Wonder Woman

 |  Nathan Shubert
Game of Thrones actor, Pedro Pascal has now signed on to play an important role in Wonder Woman 2.
Rumor: Wonder Woman 2 Filming In U.s. This June

Rumor: Wonder Woman 2 filming in U.S. this June

 |  Joe DeClara
Production for DC’s Wonder Woman 2 has reportedly been pushed to June and will take place in the U.S. instead of the U.K. in May, according to Omega Underground. The report states that the sequel to the highly acclaimed 2017 heroine film will be shot on location in Northern Virginia and the District of Columbia, indicating […]
Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Getting Her Own Barbie Doll 3

Wonder Woman Director Patty Jenkins Getting Her Own Barbie Doll

 |  Zubi Khan
Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins honoured to be part of the change for female directors, immortalised by Mattel with limited edition Barbie.
Kristen Wiig Claws Her Way Into The Main Villain Role In Wonder Woman 2. 1

Kristen Wiig Claws her Way into the Main Villain Role in Wonder Woman 2.

 |  Nathan Shubert
Kristen Wiig, a Saturday Night Live alum, is currently in talks to play the villainous lead in Wonder Woman 2.
Dcu: Batman And Harley Quinn Blu-Ray Giveaway 1

Wonder Woman Blu-Ray Giveaway

 |  CGMagazine
CGMagazine is giving away more movies, this time Wonder Woman!
Dc Unleashing Gotham City Garage Comic, Based On Series Of Popular Statues 1

DC Unleashing Gotham City Garage Comic, Based On Series of Statues

 |  Zubi Khan
DC is planning to release a female focused Gotham City Garage Comic series this August.

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