It’s Time to Raise Hell in Dead by Daylight (Updated Aug 17, 2021)

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The latest teaser for Dead by Daylight is here.

It also looks like it might be a horror franchise that’s been long requested by fans. This comes shortly before the upcoming release of the next chapter of the story.

The next chapter in the long-running series is coming soon, but there’s no specific release date just yet. It’s worth pointing out that it has not been officially announced, though everyone thinks it looks like it’s Hellraiser, except a lot of very frustrated Five Nights at Freddy’s fans.

A lot of Dead by Daylight fans have been following the information and trying to piece together the clues. Some were thinking and hoping it would be a character from the popular horror series, Five Nights at Freddy’s, specifically Springtrap. It’s led to a lot of jokes and memes from both sides of the Dead by Daylight fandom seeking to fill the time while they wait for more details.

Several clues point to Hellraiser though. The horror classic was released in 1987, which are the numbers shown in the teaser. The static TV image also resembles a scene from the film too. There were also some pretty obvious hints that aren’t as clever, but they don’t need to be. It’s a game announcement and new content is already cool enough. Two bigger hints are that the sound files spell out hell and the letters also spell out raise.

One big thing pushing people on the Five Nights at Freddy’s side of the debate is the static TV. Static on screen is a staple of the horror series, but it’s also a common horror trope and not terribly specific to FNAF. We don’t know exactly when the release date will come, but it should be here soon enough, regardless of which series ends up being the focus. The developer could always do Five Nights at Freddy’s later too. Dead by Daylight is stronger than ever with no signs of slowing down.

UPDATE: AUGUST 17, 2021 11:26am

It’s offical now! The Hellraiser franchise is coming to Dead By Daylight. Pinhead will make his spooky debut to the game, with Creative Director Dave Richard noting, “Not only is he highly charismatic, but he also embraces deeply disturbing horror themes, so our fans have been requesting him for a long time. Bringing Pinhead into the Fog is a way for us to give fans something they want, while cementing our reputation as the Hall of Fame of Horror.”

It's Time To Raise Hell In Dead By Daylight (Updated Aug 17, 2021)

The Dead by Daylight Hellraiser Chapter will be playable on the Player Test Build on Steam at 11am ET TODAY (Aug 17)! Check out how to access it on the Dead By Daylight forum.

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