Defend your Forts in Fortnite this July

Defend your forts in Fortnite this July

Epic Games has just announced its third-person Action Building game, Fortnite, will be available for paid Early Access starting July 25, 2017. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Mac.

Fortnite will have players teaming up to fight hordes of monsters while building their own custom forts. Exploring the world, players will be able to find resources that will allow them to build all types of structures and defences for their forts. Along the way, players will find new weapons and heroes to use in their fight against the monstrous hordes. Working together, players will use the unique skill sets of their heroes to co-operate in saving survivors and defending their homes.

“Bringing Fortnite to life has been a true labour of love by a talented and dedicated team over many years,” says Darren Sugg, the Creative Director on Fortnite. “We’re excited to share the experience and start playing along with more gamers in Early Access this summer.”

Players who purchase Founders Packs will get a four-day head start along with an exclusive Storm Master Weapon Pack.

For more about Fortnite, check out their site:

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