Destiny 2 Crossplay Beta Officially Launched

Destiny 2 Crossplay Beta Officially Launched 1

Destiny 2 fans have longed for the introduction of cross-play for the franchise, and now you can try it out for yourself before the week is out.

Last week, Bungie announced through its official blog that they would be launching their cross-play beta starting May 25-27, which means that you can now currently go try out the beta for yourself. Since it is just a beta for now, its not full cross-play across for all aspects of the game, to try out the new feature Bungie has created a new vanguard strike playlist where players will be matched with those on other consoles. The new playlist is available to all players, and completing three strikes within said playlist will even earn you some unique emblems.

Destiny 2 Crossplay Beta Officially Launched
These emblems are only available to players who participate in the beta.

Unfortunately the beta doesn’t include the ability to invite friends from other platforms to play with you, so you won’t be able to jump into these strikes with specific friends. This is just a beta for now though, and full cross-play functionality is still set to launch later this year with the introduction of Season 15 which is currently set to launch this August, with plenty of time to get all the Destiny 2 Catalysts.

While the beta is officially running now, some Destiny 2 players were given a bit of a sneak peek into the new feature thanks to a bug that came with the launch of Season 14. It was quickly found and patched out to restore Bungie’s planned launch for the beta, but it did add to the excitement around the arrival of cross-play all the more intense.

All things considered it is an exciting time for Destiny 2 fans, with the recent launch of Season 14’s Season of the Splicer being met with high praise for its emphasis on the lore and expansion of the Destiny universe. You can still try out the beta and grab those emblems for yourself today May 26 and tomorrow May 27.

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