Digital Extremes Unveils Details on Empyrean Expansion and Future of Warframe

Digital Extremes Unveils Details on Empyrean Expansion and Future of Warframe 1

Digital Extremes showcased numerous upcoming additions to Warframe at TennoCon 2019, including brand new gameplay of the upcoming Empyrean expansion, a new trailer for its next open world area, and two new updates that are available to play right now.

Empyrean, originally announced as Codename: Railjack at last year’s TennoCon, is an expansion that lets players take to space in their own Railjack battleship. Thirty minutes of new gameplay footage was shown off that showcased how players could control their ships, deploying Arcwings to board enemy vessels, and plenty of customization options for Railjacks, which range from changing your ships weapons and armour to its colours and name.

Digital Extremes will also be expanding the size of its multiplayer system with Squad Link, a new feature that will let players connect with other squads to complete multi-objective missions in space. For example, one squad could be tasked with lowering the shields of an enemy ship, while another would steal a set of data. How Squad Link will work is simple: you can send out a call in space for others to provide assistance, and if a player or squad on a nearby planet is willing to answer it, they can take on a mission to assist you. It’s a natural evolution from what Digital Extremes showed off last year, and its existence speaks well to Digital Extremes’ efforts to change and grow its core systems.

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While much of the focus was on Empyrean, which does not have a release date yet, the next major update for Warframe was further teased. Called the Duviri Paradox, the expansion will be the third open world area following The Plains of Eidolon and Fortuna. This time, the open world will be set in a surreal new environment where Operators have grown up to adulthood, and judging from the trailer, it promises to be a mind-bending trip to a black-and-white landscape.

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Furthermore, a new trailer for Warframe‘s fourth narrative series, The New War, was unveiled. This teaser featured the next stage in the saga of Lotus and the rise of the Sentients, as dropships blitzed the solar system and began to unload their mysterious payloads everywhere.

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Digital Extremes also dropped two surprising updates that are available to play right now across all platforms. The first was Nightwave Series 2: The Emissary, which brings new challenges and unlockable items for all players along with new story content focusing on a strange mute child that has emerged from the Infestation unharmed. Furthermore, the rework of the Warframe Wukong, called Wukong Prime, is now available to play and purchase.

And in perhaps the strangest and most unexpected announcement in TennoCon history, Digital Extremes announced that it would be hosting a sweepstake that will give Warframe players a chance to win $250,000 USD towards a trip to space. If you’re interested in experiencing some G’s and becoming a “real space ninja“, you can check out the official details on the Warframe website.

With another TennoCon in the books, Digital Extremes continues to expand and evolve Warframe in new and exciting directions, and we can’t wait to see what will come next from this Canadian studio.

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