Warframe Is Getting A New Open World, Hoverboards and Spaceship Combat

Warframe Is Getting A New Open World, Hoverboards and Spaceship Combat 3

Warframe‘s future updates will take players to a brand new open world zone on Venus and into the cockpit of a warship, Digital Extremes announced at TennoCon 2018.

The first update, Fortuna, will be similar to last years Plains of Eidolon release. Set on Venus in a large open-world area called The Orb Vallis, players will be tasked with assisting the new Solaris United faction as they fight back against the Corpus overlords on the planet. It looks distinct from Plains from the get go, as towering mushrooms and other fauna dominate a blue and orange tinged environment. There will also be a new hub city, much like Cetus on Earth, called Fortuna. It’s here that you’ll interact with the new faction, and pick up new missions and bounties. The entire area has a cyberpunk vibe that stands out from the rest of Warframe.

Warframe Is Getting A New Open World, Hoverboards And Spaceship Combat
Image provided by Digital Extremes

The Corpus themselves bring plenty of new weapons and technology to the fight as well. Corpus ground troopers will receive a number of new variants, but the strangest and most impressive new aspect are the new Spider Bot enemies. They are exactly what they sound like – giant cyborg spiders that come in different shapes and sizes that look like they pack a hell of a lot of punch.

More importantly, in my view, is the introduction of a new mode of transportation. Called the Bondi K-Drive, it is a hoverboard that will let you jet across landscapes with ease. They can even do tricks, if you’re interested in becoming the greatest pro hoverboarder in the system. You can see it in action in the image below:

Warframe Is Getting A New Open World, Hoverboards And Spaceship Combat
Image provided by Digital Extremes

Digital Extremes also surprised fans by announcing another expansion that will be released after Fortuna. Called Codename: Railjack, the update will allow for 1-4 players to ascend into space and take part in PvE combat in a warship. Players can take control of several different aspects of the ship, including manning turrets, piloting the ship, making repairs and even boarding enemy ships with Archwings.

Also shown off during the show were two upcoming Warframes, codenamed Revenant and Garuda. Revanant is an Eidolon themed frame that is ‘affliction’ and vampire themed. It has a passive lifesteal ability, and can also turn enemy minions into familiars. Garuda, meanwhile, is a raptor themed frame that ’emphasizes gore and playing with her prey’, and may potentially make use of the raptor-claws on her hands with her abilities.

No release date has been announced for either expansion, but stay tuned to CGMagazine for more coverage of WarframeFortuna and Codename: Railjack in the coming days.

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