Dr. Mario World is shutting down on Mobile on November 1st

| July 28, 2021
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Well, it’s official, Nintendo is killing off Dr. Mario World just a little more than two years after its initial launch on mobile.

The mobile adaptation of the classic NES game will officially shut down on November 1st. After October 31st, Nintendo says it will memorialize the game and a user’s play history through ‘Dr. Mario World Memories‘, a webpage the company will put up after shutting down the game.

Trying to play the game after October 31st will result in an end-of-service notification popping up. Service mobile games like Dr. Mario World are reliant on external servers so without them the game is essentially unplayable In addition, Nintendo is ending the sale of ‘diamonds’ this week, which are used to buy time, pills and power-ups.

Dr. Mario World is a match-three puzzler that launched on iOS and Android devices back in July 2019. The announcement of the mobile title’s future was revealed by the game’s official Twitter account in an end-of-service notice.

The Dr. Mario World game’s service will end on Oct. 31, 2021. Thank you very much to the players who have supported the game,” Dr. Mario World‘s Twitter account revealed.

The game was developed in collaboration with Nintendo and LINE, Japan’s ultra-popular mobile messaging app. For anyone who has never played it, it’s similar to the original as a Tetris-style game in which players utilize pills to zap viruses of the same colour.

Throughout the life of its short life on the mobile market, Dr. Mario World has more than 45 doctors to choose from which includes Dr. Waluigi, Dr. Goomba Tower, Dr. Petey Piranha, Dr. Dolphin and more.

Although we should check if some of these doctors in this roster have a legit license. I wouldn’t trust Dr. Waluigi and Dr. Petey Piranha with my health for no amount of money in the world. Dr. Dolphin though looks like a doctor I could trust.

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