Dungeons and Dragons Leadership Apologizes For New OGL Terms & Promises Transparency

dungeons and dragons leadership apologizes for new ogl terms amp promises transparency 23011901 2

Radio silence from Wizards of the Coast regarding the new Dungeons and Dragons OGL appears to be over, and leadership has apologized for the leaked v1.1 OGL.

In a new post on Twitter, the @Wizards_DnD handle has revealed a new post regarding the Open Game License for D&D, and overall the post promises fans transparency moving forward regarding any changes that happen to the OGL that effects players in any monetization type of way. This is a complete 180 from where the leaked v1.1 of the OGL left fans off last week, including the notion that “the [D&D] brand is really under monetised.” The Tweet below outlines the apology.

The Executive Producer of Dungeons and Dragons, Kyle Brink, said in a winded statement, “First, though, let me start with an apology. We are sorry. We got it wrong. Our language and requirements in the draft OGL were disruptive to creators and not in support of our core goals of protecting and cultivating an inclusive play environment and limiting the OGL to TTRPGs. Then we compounded things by being silent for too long. We hurt fans and creators when more frequent and clear communications could have prevented so much of this.”

He concluded his statement by outlining that “Starting now, we’re going to do this a better way: more open and transparent, with our entire community of creators. With the time to iterate, to get feedback, to improve,” regarding the caustic nature of the leaked v1.1 of the OGL.”

Dungeons And Dragons Leadership Apologizes For New Ogl Terms Amp Promises Transparency 23011901

The statement goes on to detail the future of the potential OGL revision, on or before January 20, the team will reveal another new proposed OGL documentation for fans to review and give feedback on, similar to how the Unearthed Arcana playtest feedback surveys functioned. The survey window will remain open for two weeks for all fans to provide their two cents.

The Dungeons and Dragons apology also mentions a list of things that won’t be included in the OGL revision conversation, including protecting all content currently published under the original v1.0 OGL.

While this is a step in the right direction for Dungeons and Dragons leadership, the near future will determine what will happen next regarding how the Open Game License develops.

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