Dungeons and Dragons, The Next Big RPG?

Dungeons and Dragons, The Next Big RPG?

Hidden Path Entertainment is working on an open world RPG taking place within the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. The developers posted the need for staff for the AAA third-person fantasy game this week and people are getting excited. The ad is extremely detailed, and seems to be looking for very experienced staff including Lead Graphics Programmer, Graphics Programmer, Senior Technical Artist, and Writers, implying the game is very early in the works.

In a 2019 interview with Wizards of the Coast president Chris Cocks he states that the D&D franchise had “seven or eight” games coming out in the next few years. Games like Baldur’s Gate and Dark Alliance exist, but people have been begging for an open world take on the game. Fans are already exploding on Twitter with their wants and needs for the game, including co-op so people can play with their real-life D&D friends, and new, original races instead of the usual Elf and Orc races many other RPGs already use.

Though we can only speculate what exactly the game will bring, the job listing mentions experience with Unreal Engine 4 with a need for “strong voiced dialogue writing skills”. Many of the qualifications needed seem on par with a hopeful RPG in the Dungeons & Dragons Universe. The project has also been confirmed by Hidden Path’s Project Narrative Director Whitney Beltrán who has “written for State of Decay 2, Beyond Blue, Raccoon Lagoon, and a myriad of tabletop RPG products” according to her Linkedin.

Hidden Path really sparked conversation and interest with its job posting, an excellent marketing strategy. Now, wanted or not, they have people talking and are getting free insight into what fans are truly looking for in the next big D&D game and needless to say fans have had no trouble speaking up. Hopefully we will hear more soon as production continues.

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