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Sword Coast Legends (PC) Review 5

Sword Coast Legends (PC) Review

Computer role-playing games have struggled to capture the intimacy and limitless possibilities of their pen and paper cousins since their conception. For most of these

The Art of the RPG Character Build - 2014-10-17 14:00:27

The Art of the RPG Character Build

I’ll be honest here, I don’t care for the story in a game. I always skip cut-scenes, and the only time dialogue interests me is

Dungeon Siege III (PS3) Review 1

Dungeon Siege III (PS3) Review

Another Early Crest In The Diablo Wave The big tsunami for an entire genre, Diablo III is still gathering momentum somewhere out in the sea

Dungeons (PC) Review 1

Dungeons (PC) Review

Crossing the ‘T’s and Gouging the ‘I’s When evil young girls and boys sit down to begin planning their schemes, it isn’t likely that they’re

Crawling Into Dungeons - 2011-02-03 15:16:00

Crawling Into Dungeons

While the title may be refreshingly to the point, Realmforge’s upcoming PC-exclusive Dungeons is anything but your average dungeon crawler.  The game casts the player

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