Dwarf Fortress Reveals New Trailer & Invasion To PC Is Imminent in December

dwarf fortress reveals a new trailer amp invasion to pc is imminent on dec 6 166071

Bay 12 and Kitfox Games has finally pulled the curtain back on the improved PC version of Dwarf Fortress, with a release date that is just on the horizon.

The dwarf civilization management simulator, Dwarf Fortress, was initially created back in 2006 by the brotherly team, Tarn and Zach Adams. The new PC release brings along a myriad of quality of life changes and far better visuals. The small teaser trailer that showcases the new pixel art-inspired visuals can be seen below.

YouTube video

Original Dwarf Fortress purists do not need to be alarmed however, as the Bay 12 website will still allow fans access to the classic ASCII title completely FREE. Kitfox Co-Founder, Tanya X. Short said “I was always someone who tried to enjoy Dwarf Fortress but found it difficult to wade into before, even with mods,” with “The Steam and Itch.io version has all the complexity but now even my 10-year-old nephew can play it! I can’t wait for everyone who’s been curious through the years to give it a shot,” regarding the return of the legendary classic.

Dwarf Fortress Reveals A New Trailer &Amp; Invasion To Pc Is Imminent On Dec 6

The Steam and Itch releases will come with classic ‘Fortress’ and ‘Legends’ modes at launch, and will include more modes such as the ‘Adventure’ and ‘Arena’ modes at a later date as Bay 12 Games continues to develop these game types. A small developer note detailing the creators’ road map for everything Dwarf Fortress can be found here, with graphical tightening and bug exterminating being their priority towards launch.

The new and improved Fortress simulator will also come with a brand-new soundtrack, and the following key features as provided by Kitfox and Bay 12 Games:

– Not just generated geometry — a whole simulated world. Generated rise and fall of civilizations, personalities, creatures, cultures, etc. Infinite hours of gameplay

– Now with new beautiful pixel graphics!  

– Learn the basics with in-game tutorials.

– A lifetime “living” project – created/updated since 2002, with no end in sight

– Generate your unique world and manage a bustling colony of dwarves, even as they probably mine towards their eventual demise. 

– Bay 12 Games

Dwarf Fortress with all of its new graphical pixel art glory will release on December 6 for Steam and Itch.io, and fans can stay informed by visiting the Kitfox website.

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