Elden Ring End Credits Leaked Along With New Gameplay Footage

Elden Ring End Credits Leaked and New Gameplay Footage 1

The Elden Ring leaks keep pouring as the release date nears, with endgame footage leaked, plus more new gameplay that shows off magic spells that will most likely be in the fully released game.

Choo choo! The leak train keeps on chugging forward for Dark Souls 4…I mean Elden Ring, as more unseen footage becomes revealed. If you want to experience the Lands Between for the first time, definitely check it out on February 25 when it is planned to launch. However, if you want to know everything about the game, FromSoftware’s newest game has had its end credits spoiled. On top of this footage revealed, YouTube videos have circulated on the internet which showcase some NPCs in the game and, most excitedly, the new spells players can expect.

Jumping first into the least spoiler-y news is the end credits. After taking a look for myself, the credits essentially spoil the names of characters and bosses. There does not seem to be any after-credits footage as per usual in FromSoftware games, but maybe players can expect a very wholesome or emotional ending like in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice that does not require a post-credit scene.

YouTube video
Elden Ring — Closed Network Test

Going deeper into the more detailed reveals is the gameplay from YouTubers “Xolara” and “StrayKurtis” who shared videos of their experiences playing on the latest Closed Network Test version of Elden Ring. The biggest spell leak revealed that “Dragon Magic” will be something players can look forward to. There have already been teases and information given that dragons would be heavily involved in the game, but now we know the full extent of their role for players.

It was also explained that Dragon Magic will be used for stronger attacks in the game (goes with the typical theme of fighting fire with fire). Here is a list of the leaked spells that use Dragon Magic and the video:

  • Shoulder Charge – Transforms the user’s shoulder into a spiked battering ram and charges forward.
  • Tailwhip – Creates a large tail which whips around the user in a large arc.
  • Claw Slam – Slams down a giant dragon claw which erupts from the user’s arm. Can also chain into a second slam.
  • Bite – Spawns a huge dragon head which chomps down on opponents directly in front of the user.
  • Dragonfire – Fires a blast of Frost, Blue Fire, Lava, Light, or Curse(?) from a giant dragon head.
  • Frogger – Spits fire constantly in front of the user while they walk slowly.

While this does appear like a lot of spells are already known, it is important to note that this was primarily based on StrayKurtis’ gameplay and there may be more spells available in the final build of the game. Xolara’s videos show off different elements of the game, such as the ability to use a mount to traverse the open-world environment, and they show some NPCs that players can fight (expect lots of weirdly shaped creatures). Here are the four videos from Xolara for anyone who wants to see the Tarnished ones in action and their funky movements:

YouTube video
Elden Ring — Closed Network Test
YouTube video
Elden Ring — Closed Network Test
YouTube video
Elden Ring — Closed Network Test
YouTube video
Elden Ring — Closed Network Test

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