Elon Musk Stepping Down As CEO of Twitter

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk announced his intention to retire this late Tuesday, following a poll on the platform in which a large majority of users agreed he should step down.

“I will resign as CEO as soon as I find someone foolish enough to take the job!” Musk tweeted on Tuesday. “After that, I will just run the software & servers teams.”

The revelation follows a census Musk himself conducted in which almost 17 million Twitter users, or 57.5 percent of those surveyed, said they supported Musk’s resignation. Despite promising to do so, Musk delayed officially accepting the results and instead questioned the accuracy of his own survey. Musk responded to a user’s suggestion that only Twitter Blue subscribers who have paid for the service should be able to participate in polls,” Twitter will change that” he assured.

Musk has long stated his desire to eventually step down as CEO of Twitter, so it’s unclear why he sounded so adamant about rejecting the results of the poll calling for him to terminate his chaotic reign.

He added that following his resignation as CEO, Musk would “run the software & servers teams” at Twitter, Musk’s comments aren’t legally enforceable, and it’s unclear what the role of a CEO would be if a dominant personality like Musk remained the company’s owner, indicating he may continue to exercise significant influence on the company’s decision-making.

All things considered, Musk’s self-destructive obsession with running the company is demonstrated by this poll fiasco, despite the fact that it has endangered his reputation and commercial success since he took over in October, it’s yet another instance of Musk’s inability to take criticism. It’s confusing and no doubt frustrating for employees to see the businessman who took over Twitter, turn it into an entirely new platform, and then quit shortly after, but at this point, he has also let the whims of a poll determine major choices for the company.

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Because of this tendency to make significant product changes on nothing more than unofficial Twitter polls, Musk’s unpopular and concerning management style has come to light. Just some of many instances include a permanent ban on an account that monitored Elon Musk’s flight just last week, almost 70% of the staff being let go or resigned, and advertisers who have abandoned the site as hate speech and trolls have flourished. Additionally, the government is now putting more pressure on the corporation on other fronts.

The mounting criticism of Musk has been building since his initial purchase of Twitter closed in late October, with the impromptu POLL serving as the billionaire’s most recent problematic venture in this Twitter saga. Although it is still unclear whether Elon will keep his word, Musk’s hold on the business doesn’t appear to be loosening any time soon.

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