The Escapist Suffers Huge Layoffs

| March 29, 2016
The Escapist Suffers Huge Layoffs 1

It seems Game Trailers isn’t the only long-running games site to be closing doors in 2016. The Escapist has just announced a huge lay-off and their office in Durham has closed.

But the online magazine doesn’t seem like it’s out completely. Defy Media has closed the North Carolina office and is moving to Seattle, Washington. It appears that Joshua Vanderwall, Editor in Chief, will continue to run the site with the remaining staff. At least, according to Janelle Vanderwall.

Many of those that have been laid off and those expressing concern have flocked to Twitter with #RIPEscapist. Not much has been disclosed as of yet and most of what we do know is simply from a gathering of tweets. Joshua has yet to comment on the situation and nothing has been said from Defy Media either.

We’ll stay on this as it develops, but it’s nonetheless sad to see so many displaced writers and creators.

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