EVERCORE Heroes Closed Beta Preorder Is Now Available For Purchase

Evercore Heroes

Get a chance to be one of the first to play EVERCORE Heroes during its Closed Beta by purchasing the Founder’s Pack.

The EVERCORE Heroes Closed Beta will be open starting June 20 this summer, giving fans a chance to playtest the PVE game. EVERCORE Heroes is a multi-genre competitive PVE game from Vela Games, visually similar to League of Legends and World of Warcraft

But make no mistake, EVERCORE Heroes is no MOBA or MMO. Vela Games CEO and co-founder Travis George says, “We are creating a brand new Competitive PVE experience that combines deep mastery with a focus on cooperative teamplay, in a competitive format.  We think fans of both PVE and PVP will enjoy EVERCORE Heroes, which ultimately belongs to a genre all of its own.” So if you’re a League or WOW fan looking for a PVE experience, look no further. 

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In order to play the closed beta, players will have to purchase one of the Founder’s Packs. Along with access to the closed beta, players can get their hands on exclusive content like a forever battle pass and exclusive skins. 

There are three Founder’s Packs to choose from, each at a different price. The base Founder’s Pack is $19.99 and comes with a never expiring Battle Pass, a friend key and heroes Lotus and Sydian. The friend key can be shared for access to the Closed Beta, but only the Pack’s purchaser will receive the exclusive content. 

The Legend Founder’s Pack for $49.99 comes with everything the previous pack has, plus the Hero Blink, Legendary Skin Luumtech Blink, Legendary Beta Magigraph, $10 of in-game currency and an exclusive role on the discord. 

The EVERCORE Hero Founder’s Pack is $79.99 and comes with the most content. It comes with everything the previous two packs have, plus two more Friend Keys, the Hero Cynder, Cynder’s Mythic Skin, Legendary Cynder Magigraph, Mythic Emote Celestial Cynder and $15 of in-game currency. 

The Founder’s Pack also comes with exclusive EVERCORE-themed skins, emotes and hero voice lines. Players who pre-order will receive a bonus ultra-rare Vela Bekon skin, a skin that won’t be available to purchase with in-game currency. 

YouTube video

In anticipation of the big release, Vela Games Limited dropped the game’s first official gameplay trailer, plus a gameplay walkthrough video for a bit more information. Players, powered by the mysterious Luum, will have to play in teams and protect the power source of their home, the evercore from mighty beasts. Compete against each other to survive and move on to the next match until one team is left standing.

The closed beta will have 16 heroes on the roster, 7 of which have already been released on the EVERCORE Heroes website. The heroes range from a sleek elf archer to a funny little hamster guy, meaning there’s someone for every player to fawn over.

Make sure to purchase one of the Founder’s Packs before the closed beta releases if you want to experience the game before anyone else. Are you excited for EVERCORE Heroes?

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