Everybunny — Get in Here! The Noblegarden Hunt in Hearthstone Begins

| May 7, 2018
Everybunny — Get in Here! The Noblegarden Hunt in Hearthstone Begins 1

A month into The Witchwood, and already another hunt in the form of a one versus one battle is about to begin. Instead of hunting down Hagatha, however, players will face opponents in a festive Tavern Brawl.

Heroes will have celebratory emotes, and work together to dye a bunch of eggs. Each turn, one egg will spawn, encouraging players to use special Noblegarden cards and 10 random Class cards to decorate it.

Every colour of dye will apply a different buff, and at the start of a player’s next turn, the eggs will hatch into a cute minion. If a player did not dye the egg, it will hatch into a simple, yet still cute bunny.

Make sure to log in while celebrating Noblegarden, as players will receive two free golden cards. The golden Devilsaur Egg will normally costs 800 dust to craft, and disenchanting it will provide 100 dust, while a golden Eggnapper costs 400 dust and disenchants for 50.

The egg-citing event which lets you egg-terminating your opponents will run to May 13 from May 9. As Rexxar would say — “Let the hunt begin!”

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