Everything Revealed in Animal Crossing Direct (October 2021)

Everything Revealed in Animal Crossing Direct (October 2021)

In today’s Animal Crossing Direct, Nintendo laid out its extensive plans for Animal Crossing New Horizons‘ last major free update, as well as a paid DLC.

The long-awaited update to the Nintendo Switch’s biggest game will now arrive on November 5, dubbed Version 2.0. On the same day, the first paid expansion in Animal Crossing history will arrive as well—but let’s begin with the contents of the free update first.

Version 2.0—Free Update Contents

We already knew it would bring Brewster and his Roost café to our museums, but we now know this new addition is even bigger and better than expected.

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Once you enter from the lobby of your museum, you can get coffee at the bar from Brewster himself for 200 bells, and encounter other island residents, including staff like Isabelle. This area also includes multiplayer options, naturally, so you can meet up with friends locally or online—time to turn your weekly online meetups into literal coffee hours.

In an unexpected twist, Animal Crossing New Horizons will allow you to use compatible Amiibo figures and cards to invite NPCs to your lounge, like the Abel Sisters.

Speaking of familiar NPCs, Kapp’n will make his return. Find his boat at your pier, and he’ll take you to new mystery islands. Different from the Nook Mile ticket islands, these may feature mysterious new fauna, or different seasons/times that vary from your in-game clock. And of course, the frog will serenade you along the journey.

The return of NPCs continues with the expansion of Harv’s Island. This destination will expand with your donations, inviting familiar faces like Saharah, Redd, or Kicks to set up RV campers—and even some figures who haven’t featured in the Switch title yet. Reese and Cyrus will help you customize furniture you couldn’t before, while Harriet will unlock new hairstyles, and Katrina will tell your fortune.

Kapp'N Debuts In Animal Crossing New Horizons, Ushering Players To New Mystery Islands.
Kapp’n debuts in Animal Crossing New Horizons, ushering players to new mystery islands. (Nintendo)

Back on your own island, you can now summon villagers to the town square for a group stretching minigame, using either traditional or motion controls. Returning from Animal Crossing New Leaf are ordinances, which the Island Representative can put in place. The only example given so far is the Early Bird ordinance, which will insure all your islanders are up bright and early.

Tom Nook will offer up to three more storage expansions, allowing you to hoard up to 5000 items. The maximum number of bridges and inclines will increase to 10 each. If that’s not enough, you can now buy a DIY recipe to make ladders, which can be left around your island.

The Nook Mile catalogue will also see a handful of exciting new licenses. Learn how to cook DIY-style with the new recipe feature, allowing you to convert new vegetable plants into meals. Or unlock the Custom Fencing license to tweak 9 new fence items, or the Pro Decorating License to use ceiling items like hanging shelves or chandeliers, and mix-and-match your wallpapers.

The new Pro Camera App allows for a pseudo-first person camera angle, allowing you to see your island through your own eyes—and taking us another step closer to that Animal Crossing/DOOM crossover. You can also receive 11 new emotes with New Reactions Notebook, or purchase various new furniture items for the island, like a storage shed or ABD for convenience. (Nook’s Cranny is getting an infusion of new items as well.)

Gyroids make their triumphant return. You can plant and water their fragments to make a full-grown one appear the next day, or find them after it rains. These can be customized this time around, and placed in your home to produce some interesting soundscapes.

K.K. Slider is about to drop an album’s worth of new tunes, 12 in total. Some can even be played on new music box items—which you can now show off to your visitors, who may now stop by your house or invite you to theirs.

Happy Home Paradise—Paid DLC

As for the paid DLC, the Happy Home Paradise expansion will arrive alongside the free update. It will cost $24.99 USD, or be unlocked as part of your upgraded Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership.

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From the airport, you’ll be able to “go to work” and visit a new region, an arcipelago of various uninhabited island. Here you’ll help villagers build their dream resort homes, alongside returning NPC Lottie. With their desires in mind, pick a plot for their home and stuff it with their desired items. You can customize their house and the surrounding lot—Nintendo is basically adding Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer to New Horizons.

Along this journey, you’ll unlock new furniture you can’t get elsewhere, as well as design techniques to really customize homes. Extend rooms, add pillars and columns, and polish furniture to add special effects. These new techniques will translate to your own island as well, and you’ll eventually unlock the option to customize your villagers’ homes. (Just don’t expect to extend rooms on your island—that feature is unfortunately not available outside the resort area.)

Your work will be repaid with a new currency called Poki, which you can spend to bring the new furniture home.

This new design service doesn’t stop with dream resort homes, however. You can build facilities on the island like schools or restaurants. Make a portfolio of your work, and you can share it with other players.

Everything Revealed In Animal Crossing Direct (October 2021) 3
Series 5 of the Animal Crossing Amiibo cards is smaller than previous sets, including New Horizons‘ new faces. (Nintendo)

The Amiibo functionality extends here as well, as you can use figures and cards to summon NPCs or specific villagers, and offer your design services to them as well.

Speaking of Amiibo cards, Series 5 of the Animal Crossing cards will launch on November 5 as well. There are 48 new cards, sold in randomized blind packs of 6 cards each. This half-size set contains new villagers and NPCs like Raymond, Audie, Wilbur, and Orville.

After a very long period without new content, the floodgates have certainly opened, and Animal Crossing New Horizons will see its content effectively doubled. With this being confirmed as the last free, “major” update, time will tell if Nintendo plans to release additional paid packages. But for now, at least, Nintendo has provided plenty of solid incentive to head back to our islands.

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