Ezra Miller’s Arrest Leads To Emergency Meeting at Warner Bros. To Discuss Their Future

Ezra Miller's Arrest Leads To Emergency Meeting at Warner Bros. To Discuss Their Future 2

On March 30th, the executives at Warner Bros. and DC held an emergency meeting to discuss Ezra Miller’s future following The Flash actor’s arrest for disorderly conduct and harassment, according to Rolling Stone.

According to Rolling Stone’s source, the general agreement in the room was to pause all future projects involving Ezra Miller including any possible appearance in the DC Cinematic Universe. The studio also has over a year to make a decision on whether it will make a sequel to The Flash.

Ezra Miller'S Arrest Leads To Emergency Meeting At Warner Bros. To Discuss Their Future 1
Ezra Miller

An insider said Ezra Miller had “frequent meltdowns” during last year’s production of The Flash. However, the same source said there was no yelling or violent outbursts, according to Rolling Stone. According to the March 28th police report, Miller got agitated and shouted swear words after customers at a Hawaii bar started singing karaoke.

The actor then grabbed the microphone from the singer and allegedly lunged at a man playing darts. The incident apparently took place at Margarita Village in Hilo, Hawaii, the day before Miller was supposed to celebrate the world premiere of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore with their cast mates in London.

Perhaps even more troubling for Warner Bros., last month moved the first instalment of The Flash was delayed from November 4, 2022, to June 23, 2023. Warnermedia’s chief Ann Sarnoff also announced on Tuesday that she is exiting the company. And putting aside the obvious PR headache, a couple filed a temporary restraining order against Ezra Miller on March 29.

The couple claimed after Miller’s arrest, Miller burst into their bedroom and threatened them. In January, Miller posted a since-deleted video, on Instagram, where they threatened a North Carolina chapter of the KKK. And with the positive reaction around the early footage of The Flash, the film was expected to launch Miller into a rare group of actors who can carry a box office hit.

Ezra Miller'S Arrest Leads To Emergency Meeting At Warner Bros. To Discuss Their Future 3

But instead, these incidents are going to be a public relations nightmare for both Miller and Warner Bros. In their Temporary Restraining Order petition, the couple said Miller is, “Famous and wealthy; this makes access to weapons much easier; as well as sending associates to harass the petitioner.”

The actor first entered the scene as a teenager in the 2008 drama Afterschool about a prep school student addicted to the internet who captures the drug overdose of two girls on video. Also, Rolling Stone’s source says Miller was never expected to go to the Fantastic Beasts premiere of the limited publicity plans caused by the contractual promotion commitment for The Flash.

So now, all Miller has to do is sit and wait and hope they can super speed out of this one. It doesn’t look like that’s possible right now though.

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