The Flash Set Photos Reveal Michael Keaton Batman’s Wayne Manor

The Flash Set Photos Leak To Reveal Michael Keaton Batman's Wayne Manor

Photo’s from the set of DC’s solo The Flash film have revealed what Wayne Manor will look like in the film – or at least, what it looked like back in the 80’s when Michael Keaton dawned the role of caped crusader.

Now that Zach Snyder’s Justice League is all in our preverbal rear view windows, looking ahead to what will be next for DC super hero films actually has us looking back in time. Photo’s have leaked from the set of The Flash, and they confirm that the Wayne Manor from Michael Keaton’s Batman will make an appearance in the film. This also further confirms notions that The Flash film will in fact deal with a multiverse.

Originally reported by The Lincolnite, these photos show Warner Bros. set trucks and crew setting up to capture shots of Burghley House in Lincolnshire, which served as Wayne Manor back when Batman really couldn’t turn his neck when Michael Keaton played the role in 1989 and in 1992.

The inclusion of the multiverse gives The Flash a wide variety of cameo options for who could potentially appear alongside Ezra Miller’s quick witted speedster. It’s also been recently confirmed that Michael Keaton will in fact return to the role and will make an appearance in the film as Bruce Wayne, most likely at home in his manor. Neither Ezra Miller nor Michael Keaton have been spotted on set as of time of writing, but that could just be a matter of time.

We still don’t know the extent to which Michael Keaton’s old Wayne Manor will be featured in the film, and how deeply this part of Batman’s history will be explored, but what can be almost certain is that fans will be treated to at least a few clever Batman (1989) and Batman Returns references.

For more on the latest on everything DC films, check out our review of Zach Snyder’s super hero epic. The Flash is due to release in 2022.

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