Facebook Launches Dedicated Gaming App to Android Devices

| April 20, 2020
Facebook Launches Dedicated Gaming App to Android Devices

Facebook launched its own Gaming streaming platform within the social media platform, giving players a new option alongside Twitch and YouTube.

According to The Verge, the app is tailored traditionally to let gamers share their gameplay while speaking to communities and followers with Facebook’s existing chat formats. Previous games including Farmville and Words With Friends will also be included as some of the built-in games that can be started during a stream. As Facebook expanded with its Gaming section on a user’s wall, the dedicated app unifies all of the live and shared videos in one place.

A Twitter thread from the company revealed the app also keeps a suite of followers users have already liked in the past and builds new suggestions from past interests. The look and feel of Facebook Gaming also keep similar designs to its parent app on mobile devices. Users can even start up games and play online with friends instantly before jumping back into a stream.

“We’re launching the Facebook Gaming app first on Google Play – but yes, an iOS version is in the works,” Facebook wrote, adding the surprise launch was part of preventing delays in production from COVID-19 and to tie-in with a worldwide initiative. “Truthfully, we were planning a June launch, but given the state of the world, we figured you might want to let you #PlayApartTogether a little earlier.”

The transition to mobile also follows Gaming‘s introduction in 2018, as a section over browsers. No plans are made for releasing it as a standalone app on desktop.

Earlier this month, Gaming added a Tournament feature which lets users organize their own events and competitive branches over any game they choose. The virtual tournaments are still in early access while gameplay can be streamed over Facebook’s platform and even raise funds for causes.

Gaming is now available to download for Android devices over the Google Play Store, and continues to be accessible in Facebook’s special tab on all devices. The iOS version will come after approval from Apple in the not-too-distant future.

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