Fans Urged Not to Buy Steam Version of The Sinking City

Fans Urged Not to Buy Steam Version of The Sinking City

Frogwares, the independent video game development studio behind The Sinking City, took to Twitter today warning fans NOT to buy the new version of the game that popped up on Steam. The studio told fans they did not create this game, and more information would be coming soon. It was retweeted to the games’ feed, pushing the importance of not purchasing the game.

It appears that Nacon is behind the release of this version of The Sinking City that the developer is warning fans against. The French video game company was created in 1981 and has previously had deals with Sega and Atari, but has been at war with Frogwares the past year over a licensing agreement for The Sinking City originally signed in 2017. CGM writer Zubi Khan covered the story that resulted in the game being removed from storefronts entirely. 

In October of last year, the Paris Court of Appeal came to the conclusion that Frogwares broke their contract by removing the game from stores, and demanded the company take no further action. Before its return to Steam, The Sinking City was released onto Valve’s platform January of this year by Frogwares themselves, but was quickly removed. Now after Nacon made a similar move with the game, fans are siding with Frogwares, stating they believe the game itself deserves better.

The Sinking City is an action-adventure game inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, originally released in June 2019. Some fans were excited to see it come back to Steam, but were quickly disappointed, as the game was not the version they thought it would be. It appears Nacon released an older version of the game, not the 2021 version full of DLC and more.

Steam acted quickly as The Sinking City has already been removed by the platform. Players are commenting on how fast they moved, and hope to see the game treated better in the future. Further down on the games page, there is an official statement from Nacon posted back in January that the game will return at a later date. It remains to be seen if this was the last time we will see the game with Nacon’s name attached to it.

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