The Sinking City Remains Submerged in Legal Turmoil, Removed from Digital Storefronts

A Rocky Relationship, Tipped Over

The Sinking City Remains  Submerged in Legal Turmoil, Removed from Digital Storefronts 2

Players looking to purchase the Lovecraftian-inspired game, The Sinking City may have noticed that the game has mysteriously been removed from most digital storefronts, including Steam, GOG, and the PlayStation store. 

Unfortunately, those eager to jump into the game, may have to stick to the physical console releases of the title, as The Sinking City has been removed from the digital storefronts above due to legal issues relating to Bigben Interactive/Nacon, by game developer, Frogwares. The 4-page court-released document can be read on the Frogwares website that goes over the entire case in detail. However, in essence, The Sinking City has been removed due to longstanding payments not issued by Nacon related to the distribution and development costs associated with various releases of the Sinking City on both Console and PC. 

Additionally, Frogwares reports that they had to issue several formal complaints in regards to the failure of payments, some of which lasted a span of 40 days. Finally, Frogwares states on their website Big Ben Interactive/ Nacon’s pressure in requesting the source-code for The Sinking City, after buying-out a competitor studio, further. warranted Frogwares in seeking out legal aide, as they felt their property was under attack. Wael Amr, CEO Frogwares has released a statement in regard to the on-going matter, 

We did our best to deal with this quietly and amicably but to no avail. Even after court rulings in our favour we are still being roadblocked in simply being allowed to sell our own game. Fans of our games keep asking for answers and quite frankly we are so tired not being allowed to tell them the honest truth. Hence our public statement.”

Readers interested in the full, 4-page court-issued ruling can view via the Frogwares official website. In regards to The Sinking City’s return to digital storefronts are currently up-in-the-air, but will likely remain in turmoil until Frogwares and all other parties involved can hash things out. 

Zubi Khan
Zubi Khan

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