Final Fantasy Union Thrilled to Surpass Kickstarter Goal

Final Fantasy Union Surpasses Goal to Create Fan-Made Guide 2

The fan group, Final Fantasy Union, have exceeded their goal amount on Kickstarter as they hope to deliver a spectacular compendium on the Final Fantasy realm for everyone by next year.

The collaborative team at Final Fantasy Union is proud to bring their unofficial guide on the world of Final Fantasy to life soon through Kickstarter. The book is called The Legacy of the Crystal – An Unofficial Guide to Final Fantasy. It is an outstanding achievement to announce that they have not only reached their goal of $14,302 (£8,500), but they have passed it! The deadline for funding the project ends on December 13, 2021, but has already quadrupled its funding goals with over $62,000 pledged. It also has the mighty support of almost 500 backers that funded the campaign goal in under 90 minutes!

The purpose of this unofficial project—unaffiliated with Square Enix—is to create a historical reference piece made by fans for fans of Final Fantasy. Final Fantasy Union expects this to be an informative book that chronicles many details of the Final Fantasy world—enticing for the fandom and newcomers to the franchise. The team wanted to make something special to mark the upcoming 35th anniversary of the franchise that started with its first game released back on December 18, 1987.

The Legacy of the Crystal will delve into the Final Fantasy world deeper than every other book. It stated on the Kickstarter page that the book will cover information on “127 games” that date back from 1987 to the current day with Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier. The 200-250-page book is going to be sold exclusively on Kickstarter in three different formats and four various editions: high-quality PDF, softcover, hardcover and deluxe hardcover.

Final Fantasy Union Surpasses Goal To Create Fan-Made Guide

Originally founded in 2008 and operated by the husband-and-wife team of Darryl and Lauren, Final Fantasy Union looks to bring their deep knowledge of the franchise to bear on this guide, alongside contributions from other fans and creators associated with Final Fantasy. These guest collaborators will elaborate on certain milestone games and discuss “why they love a specific game, exploring the personal impact it had on them as creators, professionals and also as individuals.” These contributors include: 

  • 4-8 Productions
  • Alex Donaldson 
  • Alex Moukala 
  • Broadway Saiyan 
  • Chris de Hoog (CGM’s own!) 
  • Dan Eder 
  • Dan Seto 
  • Dansg08 
  • Max Pears 
  • Resonant Arc
  • The Night Sky Prince
  • Sandeep Rai
  • Spencer Pressly
  • Yunalescka
  • Steve Novaković-Thone 
  • Colin Tan (aka Unartifex)
  • Sano Eli (aka Prismono)

If you are one of the many Final Fantasy fans out there, this is the perfect opportunity to help bring more content to the forefront with Final Fantasy Union’s The Legacy of the Crystal—plus you could have your name listed in the “Thank You” section for your big aid (depends on pledge amount). There will also be other merchandise to purchase, like limited edition art prints, commemorative coins and more!

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The great part is that you will be shipped all of your rewards to your address—no Chocobos needed to travel anywhere. The PDF version is expected to go out around April 2022 while physical copies are planned for distribution around May to June 2022.

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